About Pop Focal

What Is Pop Focal

Pop Focal puts together pop culture. We feature celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at the latest movies, exclusive performances from up-and-coming artists and the latest updates from the world of pop culture. We Are Pop Culture.


Is It A Blog?

Yes and no. Our website features updates from the world of pop culture including movies, television, music and technology. We’re also trekking around New York City and beyond to bring you video episodes of cool pop culture topics.


Where Can I Get Pop Focal?

We recently released Pop Focal with a soft launch. This means we opened the doors without a lot of promotion. If you’ve found us, you probably did because of word-of-mouth. As we grow and find our voice, we’ll be adding new distribution partners. Currently, you can find us on our website, YouTube, iTunes and Blip.tv. We’ll be adding others and update you when we do.


I/Someone I Represent Would I Like To Be Featured On Pop Focal

Our goal at Pop Focal is to find new, interesting and exciting content to show. If you’d like to reach out to us, e-mail us at requests@popfocal.com.

Trying To Contact Us?

Click here for all the ways to reach the team at Pop Focal.