Comedy Flo Premieres 5 Shorts

Comedy Flo Entertainment premiered 5 of their short films this Saturday at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan. Cast, crew, and the founder, Matt Florio, were all in attendance and were of course, all smiles.

Film premieres are nothing new in New York, but it’s always great to see grassroots writers, directors, and actors pull together something so large scale. In a city where a bagel and Coke will run you $6, it really is something to have the opportunity to not only create but share with a large audience. And large it was. Anthology Films theater was packed for Comedy Flo’s Saturday night showing.
Of the 5 films, “Mama Needs a Ride” was by far the strongest and most enjoyable. It very rightly closed the night. Jane Brown or “Mama”, is hilariously awful and crude as the mother of a mob boss. Though Brown is no newbie when it comes to comedy, “According to my parents it started when I was five”, she said, it was a new experience to be working with Florio, “He’s an absolute genius,” she gushed, “He gets the cast and crew together and then it’s chaos. It’s a free-for-all. But that’s what makes for good comedy, it flows.”
The fluidity Brown speaks of is accurate and no more visible than in “Mama”. However, I must honorably mention “Uptown Trash” as the film that made my skin crawl and my jaw drop. Without giving too much away, the story is about a middle-age man who is shocked to find that his potential three-way is even too dirty for him. While a little agressive in its material, “Trash” was certainly something I’ve never seen before. And for that I give Florio props for reaching out of the comedy box.
You can watch a sampling of Comedy Flo’s work on their YouTube Channel and stay up-to-date on their Facebook page.
Amanda Kusek writes for Pop Focal, ReAlto (, and her own site She pays the bills with a job as an assistant and lives in New York City. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z told her once that if she could make it here she could make it anywhere...she's working on this.

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