Justin Timberlake is Gracing Us with His Vocal Cords

justin-timberlake-on-pinkThe prayers of every twenty-something female in this country have been answered. It’s JT y’all!

Fresh off of his tour of movies I didn’t see (and no I didn’t see The Social Network…hate me) and SNL appearances hard not to see, Justin Timberlake will be releasing an album. And he is playing it up BIG.

Songs! High notes! Dancing! Curls! My 18 year old self is squealing with delight as my 25-year-old self, war torn from bad comebacks, bites her nails vigorously. (No Doubt’s awkward music video, anyone?) When I was young I thought JT could do no wrong: taking on Britney on “Cry Me a River”, teaming up with Pharrell & Clipse on Justified, I mean, he brought Sexy Back for crying out loud! Especially, when we had been missing it all that time.

But then he started doing movies and breaking my heart. Thank god he did “Dick in a Box” or I would have completely lost all respect for him. It’s not that he’s a horrible actor, I just can’t think of him as anything BUT a musician. He’s been on the radar, most definitely, for the past six years but this is big, guys.

This is taking me back to drinking in the woods and basements. I’m nervous and excited and my mind is swirling with what-ifs like I am at the Valentine’s Day dance. Let it be like Senior year please, not that horrific incident Freshman year…

Amanda Kusek writes for Pop Focal, ReAlto (gorealto.com), and her own site amandakusek.com. She pays the bills with a job as an assistant and lives in New York City. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z told her once that if she could make it here she could make it anywhere...she's working on this.

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  1. BackstreetBoyz

    January 11, 2013 at 10:02 am

    Just when we thought we were safe

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