Gov Ball Haul: MS MR

As I continue my journey into the musically unknown, Gov Ball is just 104 days away and I have got to continue to solidify my plans for what is sure to be the most sunburned days of my life. This week I picked up MS MR and they are fresh, fresh and fresh. Their small four song EP has been enough to foray them onto DJ set lists everywhere– the favorite being “Hurricane.”

This is where the crowd loses me. I like “Hurricane” but it doesn’t get me revved up or intrigued. It almost carries me gently and I know I can trust it to stay calm in all situations. It’s great that “Hurricane” is what has garnered them so much attention but I want and need more.

I almost gave up but now there is “Fantasy,” the first track released off of their full-length album to hit an iTunes near you in May. (Perfect timing PR team!) Maybe I am just on a huge Florence + the Machine kick, and really who isn’t, but “Fantasy” has the chorus and vocals I’ve been looking for from these two. MS kills it with a voice that is strong but at the same time conveys a haunting pain. Also, don’t miss the music video. I for one can’t get enough of pretty barf. 

It’s the kind of song that will evoke painful memories– painful memories you will want to dance to.

What do you think? Worth checking out this summer?


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