Judgment Is Coming

The upcoming reboot of Judge Dredd which stars Karl Urban will be shooting up people in theaters this September but until then here’s a new poster to keep you waiting for your Judgment (yes, that is the way you spell it when used in context of law).

Dredd is hitting theaters September 21, and it’s also premiering at Fantastic Fest in Austin the same week with a special red carpet event. Dredd follows a law enforcement official of the same name in a not-too-distant dystopian future where Judges are the last word of the law and serve as judge, jury, and executioner in a streamlined society. But when a new drug called “Slow-Mo” hits the streets and starts taking over, Dredd must fight his way to the top to battle an evil druglord called Maw-Maw (Lena Headey). Early reviews have been generally positive and say it’s much better than the 90’s Stallone film, though that wouldn’t take much. Just be happy Rob Schneider isn’t in this one.

Oh BTW is it me or does this poster look sort of familiar….

Oh and here’s a nice violent clip from the movie

[youtube id=”g8lMmRe6Z44″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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