Shia LaBeouf Auditions in the Buff?

I win gold for that title.

It’s being thrown around that Shia LaBeouf sent sex tapes of himself and his girlfriend to Lars von Trier as audition tapes for “Nymphomaniac.” (I think that movie title is pretty self explanatory.)

Enjoying the drama of Shia and this movie that has been unfolding (remember when everyone reported his girlfriend cried?),  and being the scholar that I am, I looked up the source. The clip is from Chelsea Handler’s talk show, where a bearded, hipster/mountain man resembling Shia LaBeouf of “Even Stevens” fame, discusses his recent work and what to expect from von Trier.

Now, it’s painfully obvious to me that he’s joking and all these news outlets are looking for some great key words for hits. The clip is below. You weigh in, dear reader, and let me know what you think.

[youtube id=”mobW6DyGWNI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

In other news, he is great in “Lawless” and the gnarly beard he is rocking has to go.


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