Fall Freak Out: Chicago Fire & Nashville

Just when you thought I had officially had a Fall Freak Out… I am back from the dead with commentary on last night’s “Chicago Fire” premiere. I DVR’d “Nashville” as it also premiered at 10PM….

Yeah… I said it… I DVR’d “Nashville”. (Oh, 24 you’ve never felt so old.)

Chicago Fire apparently fell hard to Nashville in ratings last night, but I don’t care. I love my shirtless men.

Will I absolutely embarrass myself if I say I liked this? I’m not even one of those NYPD Blue/Law & Order/CSI fangirls who consistently post on their Facebooks during each marathon on every channel ever. I have a feeling many of those women lose their jobs due to tween star cameos and death-related catchphrases. “Chicago Fire” is not a show I typically would go for and if it wasn’t for the Freak Out… I’d probably never have even attempted. I love sitcoms (“How I Met Your Mother”) and admittedly I love nighttime soaps (“The OC”) and dramas (“Breaking Bad”, “Deadwood”……and “Breaking Bad”). Crime/fires/uniforms? Not really for me. I guess “Chicago Fire” is technically a drama and not a crime show, but really, I group together PD and FD in my fantasies so why not for TV categories? And with that, here are my real, honest notes and added commentary:

Dirty Chicago Mouths (It reminded me of my Chicagoan boyfriend and his friends… insta-like. +1) 

The feud? (I couldn’t figure out why the two hot dudes were fighting and why the rescue team was different from that other team. It was like watching a rumble. -1)

Steve Brady! (Yes! A former “Sex and the City” cast member. This is definitely a crime show! [See: Chris Noth] +3)

squeamish (Omg that little girl’s juggler. Omg I am going to throw up. Omg needles…. -1)

kind of into it but not my type of show? (WHY DO I LIKE THIS…No points)

Shirtless aw yeah (I mean…. +4)

Drug deal? insulin? (I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was injecting…-1)


oooo divorce (I KNEW that hot guy couldn’t just be happily in a relationship. Drama-bomb, pretty eyes! +3)

love a hot lesbian (Who doesn’t? +3) 

Seems like a lot going on (A lot of fires and dying people. I was told that Chicago firefighters sit around and drink all day! -2)

Steve Brady…no! (Episode ends with a cliffhanger of my favorite character…+3, -1)

Total: 12

Will I watch again? I think I’m hooked.



I DVR’d this with every intention of watching it through until the end. But when the first 20 minutes turned out to be the trailer I was all: “I already know this!” And gave up and went to bed. …I don’t know if I missed anything else other than Hayden Panettiere looking absolutely stunning anyway. I don’t know how this is the best reviewed series of the fall. Is this secretly my new OC baby? I really don’t think so. …Perhaps it’s the country soundtrack burning my ears.


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