THE OFFICE Is Officially Closed: Season 9 Is Last

Hate to say we told you so.

Executive Producer of NBC’s The Office, Greg Daniels, just announced the show is done.

This will be the last season of The Office

The Office has struggled since Steve Carell left at the end of the eighth season. Since then, NBC threw a cavalcade of names and guests to try and make something out of what was just a dying show. It didn’t help that the cast almost didn’t return this season and some of them already left. As we already mentioned, a spin-off based around Dwight is already in progress, recently naming Majandra Delfino as the character’s sister. It’s a weird, grasping-at-straws attempt to salvage what was once a decent ratings grabber for Must See TV. Now it’s all they have left. Like an aging ball player on a last place baseball team.

It’s no wonder NBC recently bought Michael J. Fox’s new sitcom without seeing what it’s even about — they just cleaned house. 30 Rock is also leaving which leaves a gaping hole in their comedy line-up. The network has no faith in Community and the last time they got behind a new “comedy series” was Whitney… so…

Daniels also mentioned he’d like to see Michael Scott return to wrap up the series, but there’s no guarantee of that actually happening (but it most likely will).

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