TLC’s Newest Reality: The Amish

Is it possible that TLC could have a reality show we can actually learn from? “The Learning Channel” recently released a trailer for their newest reality show, Breaking Amish, premiering in early September. This time their cameras are not focused on toddlers in make-up, Gypsies, or The Cake Boss, but 5 young adults breaking away from their Amish and Mennonite communities. Unlike Rumspringa (the allowed departure at the age of 16), leaving the community at an age like 21 or 28 is a big no-no.

So, all five of these kids decide to leave and where does TLC bring ’em? New York City of course! Culture shock doesn’t even begin to explain it. While I don’t think the basic story is all that original (little fish, big ocean), I think watching these young men and women use cell phones, wear jeans, and stay in hotels for the first time will give a very interesting take on our own daily lives.

Plus, there are strippers and drinking in the trailer so where can you go wrong, really?

[youtube id=”8gn_xBfetzo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Breaking Amish premieres September 9th at 10PM EST.

Amanda Kusek writes for Pop Focal, ReAlto (, and her own site She pays the bills with a job as an assistant and lives in New York City. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z told her once that if she could make it here she could make it anywhere...she's working on this.

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