Get Burned with Jeff Ross

In 2005 Comedy Central brought comedian Jeff Ross on the panel of comedians and other comedians to roast sex symbol Pamela Anderson, and he annihilated her and other guests on the show. So the next year when they roasted actor William Shatner in 2006, they brought him back, and again in 2007 for Flavor Flav, Bob Saget in 2008, Larry the Cable Guy and Joan Rivers in 2009, The Hoff in 2010 and to roast Donald Trump and Wizard Sheen in 2011. Jeff Ross became Comedy Central’s sensational, hilarious, talented Roastmaster General who could push the comedic envelope, wouldn’t hold punches but wouldn’t cross any emotional and person lines with the celebrities he would rip apart.

When it comes to being brutal and funny at the same time Ross is definitely the man to beat; Comedy Central realized and respected this and offered him the money, rights, space, timeslot and freedom he needed to make a hit new show to add to their comically reputable  weekly line-up. Wednesday, July 25th Comedy Central released that Jeff Ross’ show “The Burn with Jeff Ross” would be a half-hour six-week installment starting Tuesday, August 14th.

“The Burn with Jeff Ross” entails Ross and a panel of guest comedians that who will perform a terrifying comedic cypher, taking turns tearing apart pop culture topics both in their studio and when they hit the streets on the “Roaster Coaster” segments to take aim at every day villains such as meter maids and annoying paparazzi. Other segments on the show include “Roasting the Week”, where Ross and his panel look at the hot topics of the week; “Friendly Fire,”, where Ross takes a camera to the front doors of celebrities to banter with them; and “Too Soon,” where Ross and others will comment on recently departed, the sooner the better.

Knowing his recent comedic history, some of the segments he plans to feature on his show Ross will definitely keep his New York Magazine given title as the, “Meanest Man in Comedy”. Whether you hate him, love him or are in a creepy weird love/hate voicemail leaving drunk dialing relationship where you can’t just leave him alone then Tuesday, August 14th tune in to Comedy Central and watch Jeff burning it down with his new hit show “The Burn with Jeff Ross.”

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