Beach Volleyball Is The Only Olympic Sport Worth Watching

Do you like butts? Do you like sand? Do you like excited stadium crowds?

As the Olympics present us with a cavalcade of sports that we didn’t know were sports, including Trampoline (they just jump really high, that’s the sport), we’ve been trying to find what sports are really exciting. Sure, NBC would have you believe the greatest sport in the world is Swimming, but they’re just trying to bank on the excitement of Team USA winning some gold. We’re more looking for something that’s fun to watch.

If you like butts, girls or guys, it doesn’t matter, Beach Volleyball offers lots of close-up shots. It’s like glancing at someone’s ass but having a reason. “Oh, I was just checking out the sign he/she was throwing their teammate.” Sounds perfectly probable.

Aside from the sexual draw to the sport, the crowds in the stadium really love the sport. At least that’s how they sound. One of the benefits of the live feeds (for the US, is the ability to watch all these sports live. Beach Volleyball is one that is available in “Natural Audio”, without commentators telling you what’s happening. When I was five years old, my grandfather took me to a baseball game and offered commentary the whole time to teach me about the sport and that’s the last time I needed commentary for a sport.

While commentators offer some interesting facts here and there, there’s something cool about the natural sound from the stadium. You feel as if you’re there, with the crowd. Beach Volleyball happens to be the greatest sport in the Olympics if this is what you’re into — there are a lot of pauses between action in which the stadium’s audio system blasts cool music and the crowd gets really into it. This week, when the stadium played the hook to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers, the crowd continued singing in unison as the players tried to resume play. The stadium announcer had to repeatedly ask the crowd to stop singing. I’d like to see that happen during the 200m Backstroke.

Oh, and they have cheerleaders.

So, do you have a sport you think is better than Beach Volleyball for watching online/on TV during The Olympics?

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