Fresh video surfaces of Rob Ford allegedly drunk in Toronto

A new video, reportedly shot at a restaurant in the Rexdale area of Toronto last night, shows Rob Ford mumbling incoherently and in a mimicked Jamaican accent, as well as lashing out at Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

The video, supposedly taken at the Steak Queen restaurant last night, is quickly going viral. In it, he can be heard speaking in a Jamaican accent and using the word “bumbaclot.” The video starts with him referring to Bill Blair, Toronto’s police chief, as a “cocksucker,” then complains about money spent when the police “chased me around for five months.” He also implies he was employing counter-surveillance, and the video ends with a restaurant employee suggesting Ford deserves to be better than Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Toronto Star says it was contacted at 1 p.m. Tuesday by unnamed individuals who said they have footage of Rob Ford. It appears to be from last night, as Ford was photographed wearing the same clothing earlier in the day.

A manager calling himself Tony told the Star that Ford visits Steak Queen from time to time.

Ford’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, said that he doesn’t believe that was Rob Ford in the video because he appears to be heavier and that he had talked to Ford on the phone at 10:30 p.m. last night.

“Obviously that’s him, but it didn’t happen last night,” said Ford. “He’s given up drinking 100%. I think we’re playing games now, I’ll repeat what he’s said 10-million times, at the beginning of November he hasn’t taken a drink.”

If Ford was indeed drunk, it would contradict his earlier statements that he has not touched a drop of alcohol since November.

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