Gov Ball Haul: Paper Diamond is making me way too positive

If I’m being honest, which I should aim to be, I was not expecting to like the first band I plucked from the Governors Ball Line-up. But I did. And I can’t believe it. And Paper Diamond is just blowing me away.

Formerly known as Colorado based producer “Alex B”, Paper Diamond is pushing out intensely raw rhythms, beats, and remixes. His first EP, Levitate, was released in 2011 and his most recent, Wavesight, only features 3 songs but is just the tip of a very major iceberg.

I grew up as someone who was always more attached to the lyrics of song, than it’s sound. I was a self-proclaimed poet and lived and died Bright Eyes. But slowly and surely I have grown into an adult who really appreciates music and sound, not just heartbreakingly depressing lyrics that drive us to gain weight. (Just me? Ok then.) While he does work with lyrics, as you’ll note in the songs below, Paper Diamond is all about manipulating and morphing sound, creating beautifully mountainous songs full of low jarring valleys and high, arching peaks of dance-bliss.

First Track to Listen to:
Currently posted on Paper Diamond’s website is “Night Vision Tour Mix 2012”. A 31 minute crash course into what he is all about. Don’t have 30 minutes? Fast forward to 2:06 to immediately start moving your head and shoulders in embarrassing ways. Next stop off at 17:16 to be thrown wild and get to know just how diverse this guy can be.

Track to Love:
I am 100% obsessed with Wildfire by SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon. We all are, it’s ok. What’s better than the original? Oh how did you guess?! A remix from Paper. Just when I thought I couldn’t do any more white girl dancing this week.

Track to Leave:

“So Precise.” It just reminds me of a video game menu and I can’t shake it. That’s okay though, the rest of “Levitate” more than makes up for it.


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