New Dark Knight Rises Trailer


The latest trailer for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises is out and it finally gives us a bit more insight into the plot, the characters and the “Batwing” (?).


The latest trailer leads us to believe that Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) is a good guy [girl]. While Pittsburgh is getting the close-ups during the movie, the new big reveal from the latest trailer is New York City finally represented as Gotham from aerial shots as bridges blow-up. Also a big change — Bane’s voice.

Test screenings proved to the studio and director Chris Nolan the difficult-to-understand Bane was… difficult to understand. Rumors were the studio asked for some recording studio time for actor Tom Hardy to re-dub his lines and, based on the latest trailer, the studio got what they wanted. “New Bane” sounds a bit more digital than muffled.

The trailer gives a lot more insight and continues with the build-up. Dark Knight Rises is in theaters and IMAX July 20.

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