Whos The Favorite To Play Doctor Strange


According to Latino Review, non other than The Dark Knight Rises’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the man Marvel are thinking about to don the red cape as Dr. Steven Strange. The site stress that this should only be considered a rumor for now as as far as they know no actual offer has been made, and that Levitt and his team may not even be aware, but that “Marvel execs internally are discussing that Levitt is who they figure would be ideal.” At 32 (and arguably looking quite a bit younger) Levitt would seem a tad young for the role, but as the script is said to focus on his very early days I guess it was to be expected that Marvel wouldn’t cast too much older. Of course even if JGL is the man they want, there’s no guarantee he’ll accept .

Might wanna add this to the Comic-Con wish list.

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