Pop Focal at Six Flags Great Adventure

We love roller coasters. They go fast. They go really high.

We love roller coasters so much, we went to Six Flags Great Adventure to check out some of the best coasters in the country… nay, world! What makes Six Flags Great Adventure the perfect park for coaster enthusiasts is the amount of coasters (13). Some of the best engineered coasters in the world are made by engineers Bolliger & Mabillard, their coasters referred to as “B&Ms”. These are the “Rolls Royce of Roller Coasters” and Great Adventure features more of them than any park in the world. This makes Six Flags Great Adventure the destination for thrill-seekers.

We’ll be featuring a lot from our visit including some behind-the-scenes and digging up the history of the park with Great Adventure Historian and curator of GreatAdventureHistory.com, Harry Applegate. Harry, along with father and son coaster enthusiasts Charles and Frankie Gobel and Six Flags Communications Manager Kristin Siebeneicher joined us for our tour around the park.

Rollback on Kingda Ka

The record for tallest roller coaster in North America is proudly held by the green monster, Kingda Ka. While on-location, our crew captured (and experienced) an infamous rollback — a once-in-a-blue-moon event that sees the train unable to crest the top of the coaster and treat riders to a special moment — riding one of the tallest coasters in the world backwards!

[youtube id=”9Lu575jeOHI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

El Toro

Just because it’s made of wood doesn’t mean it’s easy. El Toro, Spanish for “The Bull” (and properly named as those who ride it can attest) takes the precision engineering of a steel coaster and combines it with the traditional layout of a wooden coaster creating the ultimate thrill experience.

[youtube id=”F7saPRG8ktQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Special thanks to Six Flags Great Adventure, Kristin Siebeneicher, Kaitlyn Turi, Harry Applegate, Charles Gobel and Frankie Gobel.

Check out Charle’s book, Flying With Frankie: Three Hundred Days In Amusement Parks Riding Roller Coasters With My Son available on Amazon.

For more on the history of Six Flags Great Adventure, visit GreatAdventureHistory.com

Stay Tuned!
We have more from Six Flags Great Adventure coming this month.


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