No More Drive-Thru At Six Flags Wild Safari

This may be pretty specific to our New York / Philadelphia metro audiences but we love Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s right in our backyard (otherwise known as New Jersey) and we had the opportunity to film there this summer.

Now comes news that Six Flags Wild Safari, the largest drive-through safari outside of Africa, is killing off the drive-through part.

According to the park, guests will no longer be able to drive their own vehicles into the safari after September 30, 2012. This marks the end of a 38-year run which helped put Great Adventure on the map as a larger-than-life destination close to home (for New Yorkers).

Park President John Fitzgerald offered what might be a tease to some bigger changes:

“While significant changes are on our horizon, our veterinary and animal husbandry staff will continue to provide excellent care for the more than 70 species of exotic and domestic animals that live here at Six Flags.”

What made the experience fascinating was how close up guests could get to amazing creatures. Animals, such as giraffes, would routinely walk up to cars bringing them within arm’s reach. During our visit to the park, staffers tipped us that giraffes loved pollen and would come over to your car to treat it like a lollipop. What’s better than a car wash by giraffe?

Guests are encouraged to get their fill before September 30th. Six Flags currently operates a bus that takes guests through the safari as well.

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