Ubuntu Launches Smartphone OS – Competes with iOS/Android on Design


After a long tease, Ubuntu has finally released information about Ubuntu for Smartphones ahead of CES 2013.

The system’s design is slick. Geared toward the tech crowd, Ubuntu Phone looks great. Moving around the system is all gesture based, depending on which edge of the screen you swipe in from. For instance, swiping your finger from the left edge of the phone brings up the applications menu or swiping from the right edge moves back to other open apps.

Bringing back memories (or nightmares) from Motorola’s past, the new OS also turns into a desktop system when docked allowing you to dock your phone and bring it to life on a screen along with a mouse and keyboard.

Ubuntu is forward-facing and a big leader in the tech world, although the mainstream may not be as aware. The phone’s demo ironically uses Android’s previous flagship device, the Galaxy Nexus.

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