Jamie Kennedy Totally Swears He Meant To Fail


Remember Jamie Kennedy’s New Year’s Eve special epic fail? He totally meant to do that and you’re just crazy.

In an interview with The New York Times, the comedian actor host has-been celebrity said this was just another one of his pranks.

Taking stock of his haphazard show in a subsequent phone interview, Mr. Kennedy said: “It was totally supposed to be like that. We wanted to make almost an anti-New Year’s Eve show, and the recipe calls for unexpected.”

You’ve been X-ed! Just to review, Jamie Kennedy now claims all the cursing, bad direction, missed cues, fighting, high performers and bad jokes were all an elaborate joke that was broadcast on a little-known LA television network that he wanted everyone to see on YouTube, for which the person who put it off had to take it down because of a copyright claim by the network, KDOC. Sure.

But wait, there’s more. Kennedy actually wants to make a correction: that cursing and everything wasn’t part of the hoax.

But in an e-mail sent after his interview Mr. Kennedy offered an apology “for any obscenities that may have slipped out due to technical difficulties from filming live.” The e-mail added: “That was never planned or intended to be a part of the show. We just wanted it to be different and a parody of all the other N.Y.E. shows.”

Okay, to recap again: everything that happened that looked like a big failure was planned… except the cursing.

The joke is on us though because Kennedy says he already has talent lined up for next year.

Mr. Kennedy may have the last laugh. “I got a text from Marilyn Manson that says he wants to do next year,” he said.

Marilyn Manson!?!? I can’t wait to watch Jamie Kennedy and Marilyn Manson ring in 1998.

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