Jenny McCarthy to Date on New Show

PrintJust when you thought sort-of famous people couldn’t embarrass themselves anymore (Andy Cohen asked the Real Housewives of Miami whose “boobs” were fake last week), Jenny McCarthy decided to go for the gold.

According to middle America’s most reliable news source, US Weekly, McCarthy plans to not only have 30-second blind dates on her VH1 talk show, she is going to find them via online dating. While I admit it could be fun to see her actually try and find a mate in less than a minute, I highly doubt it will be a serious endeavor.
I picture some booking assistant finding the saddest of the sad men and tempting them with the offer to be on TV and to potentially win Jenny’s heart. Those poor guys will never know what hit them… until it airs later that week. Her new show is part of VH1’s move to reinvent themselves.


Wait a second…. Jenny McCarthy has a talk show? VH1 is still a channel? When they said the nineties were coming back I thought they just meant crop tops.
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