“Mad Men” Returns April 7 with 2-Hour Premiere

Mad Men (Season 5)Mad Men is going to time travel again when they kick-off their new season beginning April 7. Coming in with a two-hour premiere, Mad Men finally returns to AMC after an almost year-long hiatus (not the longest for the series) by doing what has been done before — time traveling. The show will jump into the future. Series creator Matthew Weiner offers:

“I can’t say how much or how little. We’re coming off a period in Don’s life where he’s trying to normalize, and trying to have this relationship – a real relationship with this woman that he fell in love with. She expressed her desires and that was a surprise for him. On this show, it’s a very rich, full orchestra, and we like to follow what is the next stage in these people’s lives.”


I’m so happy I could sing Zou Bisou Bisou all day!

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