The Sopranos: Nickelodeon Style

Yes, you read that right. The Sopranos for kids. Or as I like to think of it “Mob Light.”

It was recently reported that the old gang is getting back together to star in “Nicky Deuce”, a Nickelodeon TV movie about a kid who moves to Brooklyn to meet some family members he never knew he had. (Is this the Italian version of “Red Hook Summer”?)

James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Steve Schirripa, Tony Sirico, and Vincent Curatola are all set to make appearances. My favorite bit has to be that Gandolfini’s character name will be Bobby Eggs.

The story is swiped from Schirripa’s children’s book of the same name. Because Bobby Baccalieri writes books in his free time.

Everything about this has blown my mind and I am so excited to eventually set my DVR for it. I will report back when this thing gets released.

Amanda Kusek writes for Pop Focal, ReAlto (, and her own site She pays the bills with a job as an assistant and lives in New York City. Alicia Keys and Jay-Z told her once that if she could make it here she could make it anywhere...she's working on this.

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