Christian Bale Is The Best Celebrity Ever

Christian Bale is a great human being, unless you’re the DP on a movie set with him. He’s taken time off filming a movie to try and visit a jailed Chinese activist, visited the victims of a massacre who were gunned down while trying to see his latest blockbuster and now he made the dreams of a young child with cancer come true. Let’s give this guy a badge, award or something. He’s seriously really awesome.

The latest story from Ohio’s WYTV and The Hollywood Reporter proves how awesome the actor is. Jayden Barber, a 4-year-old diagnosed with terminal cancer was flown to Disneyland in California along with his family to be treated “like royalty” and meet with Bale, his wife and daughter. The gang enjoyed food and Bale talked with Jayden the entire time. Jayden’s mom posted her account to Facebook describing the event and how awesome this was:

They talked movies and super Heros an he was genuinely happy to hear about everything Jayden wanted to tell him. Christian, his wife and daughter are three of the most beautiful people we have ever met! Christian made these arrangements for us personally and ensured we were treated like royalty. I don’t have even one negative thing to say about them. I can tell you that they were just as impressed w Jayden as Jayden was w them 🙂

Christian Bale is cool. Batman is awesome. Bruce Wayne is the bees-knees. It’s an awesome story, especially when you add to it (as with the visit to the Colorado victims) this was all kept under wraps and the local media wasn’t called to show off his act of kindness. Nope, it was all for the little boy.

For more about Jayden Barber and some pictures from the visit, check out the Facebook group.

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