Jack Donaghy in “The Tuxedo Begins”

On 30 Rock this week, Liz becomes The Joker and Jack Donaghy becomes Bruce Wayne. While the purple jacket on Liz (along with the askew lipstick) were the giveaway, and Jack’s rogue cape showing in a single frame, it made us wonder what the other characters from 30 Rock would be if theyCisco 350-001
were involved in the A-Story this week.

  • Kenneth Parcell is Robin
    This one seems fitting. He’s basically Jack’s young apprentice anyway, so that fits. Plus, he’s lanky, just like Robin, and his family could just as well be circus performers.
  • Frank Rossitano is The Riddler
    Since he has some new phrase on his hat every week anyway, it seems fitting that the guy that makes you think about the ¬†phrases could just say them aloud as riddles. In fact, I’m hoping Judah Friedlander takes that advice.
  • Pete Hornberger is Two-Face
    Think about it, one of his faces could have hair and an earing!
  • Jenna Maroney as Catwoman
    It’s pretty easy to imagine Jenna wearing tight leather, making “meow” sounds and cracking a whip. In fact, I think that may have already been in a past episode…
  • JD Lutz as The Penguin
    Poor Lutz. Sorry, if the shoe fits… you’re just a tallerCCIE 350-001
    version of Danny DeVito at this point.
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